February 16, 2017 dbrickhouse
When Demetris first came to the office, he weighed 322 lbs at 5’4″ tall. His congestive heart failure was so severe that he could barely get down the hallway without stopping due to shortness of breath. His essential hypertension was so severe that despite multiple medications his blood pressure was not controlled. He chose gastric
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February 10, 2017 dbrickhouse
Approximately a year and a half ago I decided it was time to make changes in my life and lifestyle. Throughout my teen years and adulthood, I had remained unhealthy and overweight. Discouraged by repeated efforts to shed the unwanted weight, I did a lot of soul-searching and decided to look into gastric surgery. As
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February 7, 2017 dbrickhouse
Almost 10 months ago my life changed! I had the Gastric Sleeve on 4/27/17, done by Dr. Cameron Askew at Brookwood hospital. From the first phone call I had with her staff until now, I have felt like family with this practice. The ladies in this office are amazing. They guided me every step of
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